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The Bilston Sculpture Trail
Poetry © Eileen Ward Birch Pictures by Martin Peake
(click image for larger version)


People, carved on wooden totems
Men and women of long ago
Recollections of past trades.
Steel Columns by Robert Koenig
  Made from 15 lengths of Sweet Chestnut up to 6 Metres in height.
 Located at The Oxford Street Island refer to Bilston's steel making background. 
The figures are based on old Victorian photographs
Tower of Light by Ellis O'Connel
Tower of Light

A polished spiral, a horn of light
 Sharp, new, bright blue pointing
Raising hopes of new lives.
Made of Stainless Steel mesh with Fibre Optic cables.
This is the most modern piece on the route,
 and is meant to point to a new future in and around Bilston.
It is located near Vulcan Road.
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