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The Bilston Sculpture Trail
Poetry © Eileen Ward Birch Pictures by Martin Peake
(click image for larger version) See a Slide Show of  The Sculpture Trail here

Steel Monoliths by Miles Davies
Steel Monoliths

Steel columns reaching upwards
Left to rust in rain and shine
Traffic passing, nobody cares.

© Eileen Ward Birch
This Sculpture located at the High Street/Millfields Road Roundabout
consists of 3 steel monoliths about 10 Metres high.
They are intended to reflect Bilston's engineering past
Beth's Arch

Iron flames that never flicker
Never warming the girders
That arch over them.

© Eileen Ward Birch
Beth's Arch
Beth's Arch by Sarah Tombs
This 8 Metre high sculpture located on the traffic island at the Black Country Route/Coseley Road junction. It is named after Elizabeth one of the Blast Furnaces located at the Steelworks which once stood nearby.

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