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Bilston .. No Place Like Home

They say home is where the heart is...? Well I believe that suggestion very much. Bilston, my home town is a place that's like no other. A picture perfect example of what a midland working class town should be. This place sure is a world away from my current location of the Ironbound in Newark.


The Major's Nestled in the Black Country region of the West Midlands, once the home to booming steel trade during the Industrial Revolution. Bilston may be small but has many hidden gems that make me love this place, there's no other place out there like it. Some places might have posh coffee shops and Michelin star restaurants but Bilston has Major's, undoubtedly the best chip shop as the chips (fries) are orange. How the chips turn out orange is Major's doing and I'm sure there not going to reveal the secret just yet. So as soon as I get back to Bilston I know where I'll be heading for some good Bilston Fish 'n' Chips!
The folk of Bilston like to congregate around the indoor and outdoor markets. Buying all sorts of bits and bobs, from food to the most random things ever. Loyal shoppers trudge through the market in all weathers, whether it be rain or shine it's a hit with the people of this town. Selling a wide array of produce from fruit and vegetables to the quirkiest items that only Bilstonian's could appreciate. I personally believe Bilston market is an asset to this town, bringing the community together whatever the purchase the visitors have in mind. Bilston Market
Metro Tram Getting around the region is super easy as Bilston's got the Midland Metro. This marvel of transport connects Bilston with Birmingham and Wolverhampton. Personally there's no other way to travel when In Bilston Town. Another mode of transport that's been in Bilston longer than the Midland Metro is Banga Travel. A somewhat individual bus operator that replaces some of the routes. Characters of all kinds are plentiful to find whilst travelling to or from Bilston, you could say its a world of its own. So whatever the mode of transport be sure to take a bus, tram or taxi to a town called Bilston.

 So Bilston, a town that I didn't really like to be associated with but now say I'm proud to be from. The home of Majors Chips, an Outdoor and Indoor Market and my family. Not a bad deal for a ex-industrial powerhouse. See you in seven months or something like that.

Bilston is the Best!   Reproduced from Facebook by kind permission of Joseph Harrison More about Bilston from Joseph here and here

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