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Join the Bilston Online Email Group/Mailing List and become part of the discussion.

For all those people who are interested in sharing ideas and discussing points relating to Bilston. In effect when you send an email to the group email address, all members of the group will receive your email. I am sure some of you will have come across this sort of system before.  The group is currently public this means that anyone may join and then post messages to the group. 

You can join the group by entering you email address in the box below and clicking 'Join yahoogroups'

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Bilston Online Email Group Rules & Important Points to Remember:-

The administrators of Bilstononline believe in freedom of speech . However, this group is open to the public and unmoderated. This means when a message is sent to the group it is distributed immediately and is not read by myself before distribution. I believe it is better for the group to operate this way. However I would ask that members of the group remember the following information and adhere to the simple rules and procedures to avoid anyone being offended or the reputation of the group compromised. I believe that with the great interest that has been shown in Bilston that through the medium of email and the Internet we may surprise ourselves at what we may achieve.

1. You must be a member of the group in order to be able to send messages to the group.

. If you change your Internet Service Provider your email address may change. You will therefore need to re-subscribe to the group from your new email address.

3. When sending a message to the message goes to ALL email group members.

4. When you click on reply in your email program to reply to a message, the reply goes to the whole group not just the person who posted the message you are replying to. If you wish to reply to the sender of a message then you will need to use their personal email address.

5. Bad language will not be tolerated as this is intended to be a group for all ages and walks of life.

6. Members of the group who use the group for blatant commercial advertising or 'spamming' will be banned. However, information about events that would genuinely be of interest to people in this group is very welcome.

7. If you are unsure about anything you would like to post to the group then email it first to and you will be notified as to whether your message would be welcome.

You can also join the group by
sending a 'blank' email to:-

Other addresses you may find useful are:-

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To Unsubscribe from the Group:-

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