The following poem was written by Trevor Johnson for Friends of Bilston Town Hall

The Silver Screen. By Trevor Johnson.


Bilston, once had three cinemas,

(And a theatre for a show),

Those venues ceased to function,

Many years ago.

But now, people in Bilston

Can see films of the day –

In Bilston Town Hall,

(Just a small fee, to pay).

Go there! See the films,

On the Silver Screen,

Movies were shown there years ago,

Again, films can be seen.


Friends Of The Town Hall,

Will welcome you there,

(Please give them your support) -

Make all your friends aware!

This is a new adventure,

It needs your support,

Go there, watch the films –

You know you really ought!

Refreshments will be on sale,

(There’s wheelchair access too),

So come along, bring a friend,

If you’ve nothing else to do!

If picture-shows are a success,

(If people like what’s shown)

What an achievement it will be

Again, see films, in Bilston Town!

The End.

T. Johnson.

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