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Fidelitate et Industria Stat Bilstonia' - 'Bilston Endures by Faith and Industry
Fidelitate et Industria Stat Bilstonia' - 'Bilston Endures by Faith and Industry
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"REMEMBER" ©Trevor Johnson 2021

Remember "Keep Bilston Independent"
It was the committee's aim
Thousand's of people signed petition
Sadly it all proved to be in vain

"Bilston Amalgamates With Wolverhampton"
Those headlines brought a frown
We're losing our independence
In dear old Bilston Town

So let's remember Bilston
We all loved years ago
The Odeon, Savoy and Alhambra
And the Theatre for a show

Trolley buses running through the town
With conductor shouting "Fares"
And the towns old market hall
Where tradesmen sold their wares

Bilstons unique market hall
Had character and grace
You could buy almost anything
From food to cotton lace

Remember Jack Rosa's snooker hall
Table's were busy every day
It's where budding future champion's
Would wait in turn to play

The town had many pubs
With a smoke room and saloon
And always a pianist
Who could knock aert a tune

Bookies runner sat in the corner
Keeping one eye on the door
He wasn't supposed to be there
Taking bets against the law

Wilton's Marsh and Baxter's
Downs the butcher's too
Cotterils, Hines and Butler's
Just to name a few

Joe Sutton's hot pork sandwiches
They went down really well
Before going for a sing song
In the old "Pipe Hall Hotel"

If you were really hungry
You would lick your lips
At the thought of Campbell's
Mushy peas and fish n chip's

Stewart's furnaces lit Bilston skies
As they gave a mighty roar
Another Bilston sight and sound
Sadly gone for evermore

The old Central Railway Station
Hanging baskets full of flower's
Smoke bellowing from the funnels
Train spotter's wait for hours

The battery powered milk float's
They made a purring sound
Early clink of milk bottles
Milkman's on his round

Bilston factory bull's would sound
Every morning, five to eight
Worker's would then hurry
Towards the factory gate

Remember Sunday morning
The Scouts and Boys Brigade
Brownie's and Girl Guides
Marched proudly on parade

They played trumpet and drums
People would line the streets to see
Children marching in unison
For Churches Anniversary

The Town Hall dances were popular
It was a main venue
Ladies and gents on smartly dressed
On Saturday Night's would queue

The Town Hall Clock was a landmark
It's where people used to wait
They would meet one another
Perhaps on a first date

Town Hall Clock stopped for awhile
It's working now again
Over the years weather took it's toll
The Sun, The Wind, The Rain

Remember Bilstons flower show and carnival
People came from miles around
There was something for everyone
Old Hickman Park Ground

Bilston Was vibrant town
Many year's ago
We could walk the streets safe
People would stop to say "Hello"

Bilstonians have their own memories
Of the town they'll always treasure
Memories are locked in their mind's
Of a town that gave much pleasure

The End